Paul Vincent Bernard  -  Visual Artist / Oil Painter / Mixed Media / Print Maker

Paul Vincent Bernard, a Utah artist, living and working in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is both a painter and a print maker. As a painter he works with either aluminum panels or hardboard panels, using a spray enamel ground which is then tooled with a dental-like rotary tool and then finally wiped with oil color. This work is a mix of artistic disciplines. Painting to be sure, but includes multiple print techniques and approaches. The works become sculptural as well because of the deep incisions in the metal panels.

The print side of Paul Vincent Bernard includes work with traditional stone lithography as well as aluminum plates lithography, etching/intaglio, relief print, woodcut and monoprint work.

The private studio space at Poor Yorick Studios in South Salt Lake City is home to two Takach presses. One for Lithography the other for etching and relief printing.

Stylistically, Bernard is both a minimalist and an abstract expressionist, often moving between the two styles.

Visits to the studio can be arranged by contacting the artist through this website.